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About Accent | Our Story

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Accent Glass Services, opened it's doors on May 1, 2010.  We have grown from 4 employees to our current staff of 15.  Our owner, Randy Sugg has worked in the glass industry since he was 16 years old. He inherited the career choice from his dad, brother and an uncle.  Today the company is a respected family owned and managed company.  Randy is the President/Project Manager,  Kent is the Vice President/Project Manager, Sonya is the Office Manager and Stacey is the Customer Service Representative. So regardless who answers the phone when you call you are talking to one of the dedicated family members who want to provide the best service possible.

Most of the employees have been with us since before we were established.  They have  known and worked with Randy at previous jobs.   


Contractor's and Homeowners trust Randy, Kent, and Payton Price (Residential Project Manager) to provide excellent service and products.  Other Customer's and Homeowners that are referred to us indicate that we offer fair prices and appreciate that we stand behind our work. 


We have been fortunate with our business and family relationships and have not had to do much advertising to keep busy and successful.  Randy, Kent, Sonya and Stacey look forward to the future of Accent Glass Service and the long term relationships they will have with their customers, contractors, employees and their families.

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